Logbook Frequently Asked Questions

Can Logbook replace my paper forms?
Yes, logbook's form designer is capable of easily re-creating most paper forms you use in the lab

Can Logbook be used to create labels?
Yes, a form can either be used to enter data or display existing data such as the data that would appear on a label

How flexible are the labels?
The labels can include text formatted as you wish and even include pictures and barcodes!

Can logbook populate my lists from existing systems or databases?
Yes, it's possible to setup a 'dynamic data link' which will read lists, detail etc. from any accessible system and most databases ane even Excel spreadsheets.

What databases does Logbook use?
Logbook can be hosted on Oracle, SQL Server or Access, depending on your environment.

Can users electronically sign they have completed tasks?
Yes, anyone with access to the page can sign (not just the logged in user). Also sign fields may be restricted so only certain roles may sign them

Can my Windows user name be used to Login to Logbook without entering separate username / password?
Yes, Logbook can be configured for Single Sign On so you don’t have to enter separate credentials

Can more than one person be logged onto Logbook at one time?
Yes, Multiple sessions may be preserved within Logbook, you swap between them by selecting your session and entering your password

Can whole pages be signed off e.g. by QA?
Yes, Either pages or individual data items may be signed off by a user given a particular role.

Can I search for information in all of my pages?
Yes, the comprehensive cross chapter search facility allows you to search all of your data and allows you to save common searches.

Can access to pages be restricted?
Yes, pages are stored in chapters and access to the chapter can be restricted to specific roles and/or specific users

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