Trimetra offer a wide range of services and have many years experience in the computing industry, especially in the Life Science market.

Business Analysis, Systems Design, Systems Validation

Bespoke Development
.NET (C#, VB), ASP.NET, C++, C, XML, XSLT, HTML/XHTML, PDF, Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, Access

service people

Trimetra has expertise in extracting data from legacy systems (standard and proprietary database formats) and storing information in a readable and structured format for archiving or import to a new system.

Document Management
Using document templates for all your in-house documents offers standard look and feel and professionalism to all your documents and a quicker turnaround. Trimetra can help you create these templates and tools to aid quick population of documents by linking to systems to ensure standardisation of terms.

Document Manipulation and processing
Trimetra has expertise in the creation of PDF files from Word documents and incorporating PDF and Word files together while retaining the searchability of the output. Trimetra can help you incorporate this functionality within your current documentation systems, filling in where necessary to produce a more streamlined and automated process and higher quality output.

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