Custom Software Design, Development, Project Management and Consultancy


Trimetra is a Software development and consultancy company that specialises in providing solutions to the Life Science market. Our main product 'Logbook' is designed to address key areas within the laboratory that are not currently captured electronically.

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Trimetra offer a wide range of services and have many years experience in the computing industry, especially in the Life Science market.

  • Consultancy: Business Analysis, Systems Design, Systems Validation
  • Bespoke Development: .NET (C#, VB), ASP.NET, C++, C, XML, XSLT, HTML/XHTML, PDF, Sql Server, Oracle, MySql, Access
More About Us

Trimetra Limited is a software development and consultancy business based in Liverpool, UK

We are a small team of 5 individuals who have worked in the Software and Services business for a combined total of more than 130 years. We specialise in software and services to help optimise your business processes and offer a fully integrated set of services from Project Management to Consultancy to provide you with the best possible solution.

We have experience in the analysis, design, development, project management and implementation of complex software products. Over many years, we have worked on software in such diverse areas as: commercial ledgers, payroll systems, order processing, telecommunications, insurance, non-clinical drug safety assessment, LIMS systems, GxP compliant solutions, hotels & leisure and hazardous waste disposal.

In addition to our skills in product design and development, we have fulfilled a number of consultancy roles with many blue chip companies. We also have considerable experience in the fields of training, software testing, technical authoring and software validation.

This wealth of experience and industry knowledge is available to you, whether your interests lie in packaged solutions such as Logbook, a custom development, or you need the skills of an experienced IT consultant. Our people are not only able to communicate effectively and comfortably at all levels, but to demonstrate credibility within your organisation.

We have many years experience of working effectively in the UK, European and US markets and have been successfully involved with many multinational companies. We have a proven track record of building many solid, successful long term relationships with our client contacts over the years. We place a very high value on these relationships and because we will always go the extra mile for our clients, we have gained their trust, confidence and respect.

We are devoted to supplying the services of high quality staff and well engineered, robust software products. We have the experience, the drive and the expertise to be able to engineer the highest quality software solutions and to implement them in a timely and cost effective way. While delivering our services we have been involved at all levels with our clients. We have seen many different management styles and different business models. We are able to draw on this experience to help us get to the root of your particular challenges and to use our considerable analytical and problem solving skills to design practical and cost effective solutions.

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