Trimetra is a Software development and consultancy company that specialises in providing solutions to the Life Science market.
Our main product 'Logbook' is designed to address key areas within the laboratory that are not currently captured electronically.

Logbook is an Electronic Notebook and Data Collection system that can replace GLP and Non-GLP paper forms. Containing a flexible and comprehensive form designer, it is possible to re-create existing paper forms and to create new powerful forms, all in one application. With the ability to search, audit and archive the data, Logbook is ideally suited for use within a tightly controlled laboratory (GLP) environment.

  • Highly configurable GLP compliant Paper replacement application
  • Collects unstructured GLP and non-GLP data
  • Full GLP compliant audit trail
  • Electronic Signatures
  • more compliance features
  • Auto Login using Windows Username, ability to sign data without being logged in
  • Store any type of file (Excel, Word, pictures, video files etc.)
  • Store links to other Logbook pages, web pages, networked files.
  • Comprehensive search utility tool
  • Electronic Archiving module
  • more integrated features
  • Define your own data collection forms and reports
  • Lists may be populated from external data sources to standardise contents e.g. department names
  • Context sensitive lists e.g. employees within department
  • Fully integrated drag and drop forms designer
  • more configuration options
  • Alert users via email or SMS text messaging
  • Publish information to Intranet or internet
  • more alert features

Typical Applications

Use Logbook to centralise your study diary and give multiple user access to the data from various places within the laboratory/country.
Keep track of your daily entries online, use Logbook’s alert facility to alert users via SMS text or email to entries that need attention.

  • Use the comprehensive search facility to check for missing data, completed data entries
  • Electronic archiving – Logbook offers electronic archiving to a backup database, xml format for easy import to another software system or in raw data format human readable format.

Electronically centralise all the facility management log forms e.g. balance calibration, room entry, room temperatures. Benefit from the use of the comprehensive search tool to report trends or locate areas using particular instrumentation that maybe experiencing similar issues.

Use Logbook’s alert facility to alert managers or users of instrument failure or out of range values.
Electronically sign off the data and use the search function to check for missing values, unsigned forms.
Electronically archive the data to a backup database.

Chain of custody can relate to many tasks within a company – from as simple as tracking a piece of paper or to a more complex chain of custody e.g. tracking the request of a compound from the dispensary, recording and following the request, the individual stages of production of the item, collection and final receipt.

With Logbook’s electronic signature and audit trail facility using Logbook to keep an electronic chronological order of the chain of custody activities gives the time and cost saving benefits to quickly find where and who is responsible for an item at any time point.

Help speed up the QC checking by using the search facility to highlight missing or out of compliance values.

Using Logbook’s form designer you can design many different chain of custody forms for different areas and functions. Make them as simple or as complex as you want.

Use Logbook to act as your electronic chemical repository. Laboratories produce many types of chemical analysis information and data – raw data (e.g. Chemical Name, Chemical formula, Synonyms, CAS Number, key properties), processed data, observations, chemical structures, graphs, images, analytical reports, conclusions, references etc.

Use Logbook to store all or some of this information and/or documents and take advantage from all the benefits holding this information electronically offers –

  • Centralise all your data electronically
  • No legibility problems
  • Tailor user security to allow specific data to be accessed outside of the department
  • Limit user’s access to read or update the information.
  • Multiple user access to the data from various places within the laboratory/country
  • Quick and powerful search capability

Use Logbook to hold commonly used/referenced Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Store or create a link to stored MSDS.

Store or create a link to stored Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Logbook is flexible, fast and easy to setup.
Storing your incidents by year, by client, by product – you decide and you design.
Using Logbook’s form designer you can design as many different Incident report type forms and configure your own storage structure.
Use Logbook’s auto-generation record number feature to auto allocate the next available incident/reference number.

Store all your incidents electronically in Logbook and use its search and report facility to find incidents logged between specified dates for all clients/systems or specified clients/systems. Search to see if problems have been reported before and check the resolution status. Report your search results.

Design your own reports – standard report formats, cient specific formats

Use Logbook’s alert facility to send email or sms text message of problems to specified users.


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Logbook 6.0 Now Available

The latest version of Logbook contains the following new functionality:
NEW Logbook Mobile module - data entry on a tablet!;
Learning Lists; Force UPPER case fields; Cascade values between COMBOLIST fields;
Warn for renaming chapter; Populate Label with field values; Custom Sheet data for form lists;
Bug fixes and more

Logbook 5.6 Now Available

The latest version of Logbook contains the following new functionality:
Row Based reporting; Form fields defaulted with current month, year and populate with system variables;
Unlock security added; Unsign by sign user added; Quickly populate blank values in Matrix;
Bug fixes and more

Logbook 5.5 Now Available

The latest version of Logbook contains the following new functionality: Quick Searching; PDF & Excel report output; Sortable rows in grids; Remember last glossary edit; DB queries use fields in any panel; Peer Review Signing; Alert specific users; Calculate Fields and more

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